the writer

My name is Rhiannon, I am a 22 year old English Graduate who, for as long as I can remember, has adored anything girlie. The best part of my childhood was spent either playing with my Little Tikes beauty parlour and its collection of plastic hairdryer, rollers, brushes, and curling tongs, or prancing around the living room to my Dad’s Michael Jackson album in my ballet tutu and tiara with matching earrings. Evidently, it has been no real surprise that as the years have gone on, my adoration for the beautiful, the dazzling, and the sometimes eccentric, has grown ever stronger (and with slightly more expensive taste).

This interest and zeal for the creative have naturally extended into other outlets of expression throughout the years, with painting, designing and writing becoming the things that I love spending my time doing, and, as a result, have become the things that define me as a person.

So here I am, marrying my love of fashion, beauty, art, people and writing. These interests have taken me to work with and learn from a range of lifestyle, fashion and beauty publications, as pictured below - and i can only hope that the future has more of it in store:

After years of indulging in a wonderful array of blogs musing matters of the heart, make up masterpieces, fusions of fashion, controversial current affairs, the tantalising tastes of culinary delights, and voyages to the wonders of the world, I feel as if I have something to contribute to the diverse world of the media, and I would love it if you would share my journey with me...