Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Face of Fashion

As the first ever blog post of dollface (hooray!), I thought it seemed fitting to elaborate on the driving force behind my forthcoming musings on the fashion and beauty industries, and why I believe they are so important in embodying who we are as individuals. I hope you enjoy reading, and here's to the first blog post of many to come in the future...

Coco Chanel

In the eloquent words of Coco Chanel, I don’t do fashion. I am fashion.” The power and importance placed upon the style industry, in today’s world, has subsequently sparked debate concerning the superficiality of fashion and its purpose within everyday life. With bountiful designs on the catwalk starting to be recognised as aesthetically pleasing pieces of ‘art’ - is it that clothes merely act as a materialistic surface or does the embodiment of style and trends reflect a connection with the deeper, inner self?

Characterised as the conscious arrangement of colours, shapes and movements in a manner that affects our sense of beauty, ‘art’ has naturally extended its scope to the sensational and innovative world of fashion. Through the fabrication of fascinating, evocative and avant-garde garments, designers strive to create beautifulness and magnificence; with the ultimate goal of producing a positive and up-lifting impact on the world we live in.

As a creation of beauty, it would be foolish to believe that fashion is not significantly established on a surface level - yet surely an emotional connection exists, as well?

Think about the spring in your step when parading a new pair of fabulous heels, or the excitement in the pit of your stomach when you catch sight of an incredible dress in a shop window! The power of fashion is how it makes us feel; it stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration for the conception we have of ourselves or the image we want to have. As Ralph Lauren expresses, I don’t design clothes. I design dreams.” Without a doubt, the style industry is a world of imaginings and fantasy; one which has the capability to recreate new atmospheres and, so, manipulate our perception of the world and how the world sees us.

The notion of clothing as a means of communication with the outside world has meant that fashion has developed into a crucial part of self-realisation. For that reason, the way in which we choose to dress, directly functions as an extension of our personality. As individuals, we are proudly saying ‘this is who I am- this is my culture- this is my profession’, through the symbolic nature of fashion. Ultimately, the style world enables a person to break the barriers of conformism and, alternatively, connect with something that resonates within them. Fashion, unquestionably, is an expression of identity.

Even those who have little interest in fashion, what you choose to wear – unconsciously or otherwise – gives the people around you a sneaky peak into your personality and frame of mind. It’s true, how many times do we snuggle into a sweatshirt when we’re feeling relaxed and laidback?

It’s not about people being a slave to fashion; it’s the way in which fashion serves people. Miuccia Prada wisely reflects, Fashion is an incredible instrument, because it’s an instant way of saying and seeing things. People on other fields envy the speed of fashion and its ability to capture things, and even if it’s superficial, it’s still telling you something.” It seems that the style industry will always amaze and inspire us through its glamour and sparkle, but only because it connects with the people they design for. In the face of fashion, identity is everything.

Do you agree?